Adjustable Telescopic Span or Acrospan

Geo Equipments offers Adjustable Telescopic Span or Acrow Span rentals in Kerala, which are ideal to be used as self-supporting runners in shuttering systems and are installed under shuttering plates or floor form panels. Adjustable Beam Spans are used in all types of building construction and, therefore, are widely demanded in the market as shoring props for the temporary support of lintels, brickwork, steel beams, and cantilevered slabs during building or repair work.
Geo Equipments Rent an AcrowSpan or Adjustable Telescopic Span with a length adjustment of 2.5 to 4 meters and a weight of 41 to 43 kilograms.  More sizes are available.


  • For supporting slabs by housing floor forms.
  • Ideal substitute for wooden runners.
  • Eliminate intermediate support.
  • Simple and economical method of support.
  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Maximum strength and safety.
  • Eliminates use of timber.
  • Minimises use of vertical supports.

Technical Features

Adjustable span has one outer and one inner which are latticed to impart strength; it can be adjusted for variable span length and secured by locking bolt. This versatile system can be supported at ends.

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