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Adjustable Telescopic Props / Jacks

Geo Equipments offers a variety of adjustable telescopic props and jacks that are manufactured from high-quality materials that are sourced from trusted and reliable vendors and manufactured using quality-tested components in compliance with industry quality standards. Adjustable telescopic props and jacks are indispensable and widely used in the construction field. It is available in different sizes and specifications. The durability and reliability of our equipment have helped Geo Equipments establish ourselves as the leading construction equipment rental company in Kerala, India.

Geo Equipments rents out adjustable telescopic props and jacks.

  1. Normal Jack/Prop can adjust from 2 Meter to 3.5 Meter (outer 2 Meter and inner 2 Meter ). Weight: 16 to 18 kg
  2. Long Jack/Prop and Big Jack/Prop can be adjusted from 3 Meter to 4.5 Meter (Outer 2 Meter & Inner 3 Meter ). Weight: 21 to 23 kg
  3. More sizes are available.


  • For supporting Beams.
  • Used as Vertical supports for spans.
  • Used as vertical supports for sheet runners.
  • Ideal for supporting formwork sides.
  • Ideal for supporting column formwork in different lifts.
  • For staging.

Technical Features

The inner is locked in position through an EN prop pin which rests on a malleable iron nut. The malleable iron nut travels on the threaded portion of the outer. Finer adjustments within specified limits can be made.

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