1. We extend infrastructure facilities in scaffolding, centering and concreting machines on rental bases in Kerala with 24/7 Support. We can support unlimited area of centering and concreting.

Leasing scaffolding materials from us allows contractors to access a variety of scaffolding equipments and adapt to the specific needs of different construction projects. Leases are faster, easier to acquire and are more flexible in terms of contract than credit, for purchasing equipment. This is significantly advantageous if you have a bad credit score or need to opt for lengthier payment plans to lower expenses.

Save huge cost of purchasing materials. Leasing scaffolding can save money as it eliminates the need to purchase scaffolding outright, which can be large capital expenditure. Leasing equipment allows companies to preserve their credit lines for other business needs. Zero investment by you and no investment in depreciating assets. Leasing construction equipments allows businesses to conserve cash and improve liquidity by spreading the cost of equipment over time. Instead of investing your funds for purchasing the materials, the fund can be better utilized in your core business.

2. Geo Equipments provide all types of construction equipments to start-ups and leading contractors all over India.

Save your cost of storing, warehousing, security, maintenance, handling of materials. Leasing construction materials allows companies to adjust their equipment fleet as their needs change, without being tied to long-term commitments. Leasing equipment instead of buying it reduces the risk of equipment becoming obsolete or losing its value.If you have own materials, you may have to house and account the materials with adequate safety and security for which a stock yard/ store is required when there is no work.

On hiring, you don’t need any of the above. You are free from the hassles of maintaining security persons, store keeper etc. Leasing scaffolding materials eliminates the need for storage space for equipment when not in use, which can save construction companies money on storage costs. Scaffolding equipment can become quickly outdated and depreciate in value, leasing avoids the problem of owning equipment that becomes obsolete or loses its value.Easy upgrades to technological advances in construction equipment mitigate the risk of technology obsolescence.

Geo Equipment assures this, leasing our scaffolding can ensure that the equipment is up-to-date and meets current safety standards, which can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site. When the lease is over, the lessee has the option to continue leasing the equipment to other sites or return it to the lessor. This gives the lessee the flexibility to decide what to do with the equipment without the need to store it, maintain it, sell it or scrap it (in case of own materials).

3. Save on huge long-distance transportation costs

As a contractor from outside Kerala, yourself will stand to lose a lot in transport expense as you truck down materials to Kerala. We supply and transport throughout south India. Transportation cost is eliminated for contractors outside Kerala. Our experienced team serves some of the top 20 contractors in the country.

4. Losses caused by negligence and maintenance can be eliminated

Our team of professional ensures that only quality materials are supplied to our clients by maintaining a strict schedule of checking, servicing and refurbishing our materials. On hiring from us, you always get new or refurbished material; thereby high quality material is available at all times. Our team of professionals ensures only quality materials are delivered to our clients by setting high standards, which we have noticed the contractor is not able to do on their own material.

Geo Equipments maintain, and repair our materials as part of the lease agreement which can save contractors time and money. We ensure quality materials are supplied to our clients by maintaining quality-checks, servicing, and refurbishing our materials. We have found that our clients are unable to ensure similar quality in their materials as this is not their core business. Additionally, when using your own material, you may transfer the material from one site to another without cleaning, repairing, painting, etc. causing faster deterioration and damage to the materials.

5. Leasing equipment from us can provide tax benefits

Such as being able to write off the lease payments as a business expense. Rent paid can be treated as expense in your accounts and GST input can be claimed. On your own materials, you can only claim depreciation (15%) as expense in your Profit &Loss account and Balance sheet.

Furthermore, as per our experience, buyers of Equipment incur an uncalculated and hidden cost – loss in the form of damage and deterioration of materials to the extent of 30% or more is incurred every year. In Addition to this, there is also maintenance cost (20 to 30% yearly). This results in big costs in addition to the initial investment.
By choosing Geo Equipments, you can treat the rent paid to us as an expense, receive GST benefits and avoid these hidden costs that result from purchasing construction equipment.