Cuplock Systems

Geo Equipments offer a variety of cup lock scaffolding systems which are manufactured using fine metal that ensure high strength to our products. Cuplock Systems are available in different sizes and specifications. Geo Equipments is one of the leading leasing construction equipment company of cuplock Systems. These Cuplock Systems are manufactured from high-quality materials that are sourced from trusted and reliable vendors that uses quality tested components in compliance with industry quality standards. Our construction equipment rentalservices are provided in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Vertical/ Standard Cuplock is used in heavy concrete and scaffolding work and also acts as a base structure for formwork-strengthening applications. The cup joints are at every mm interval. The inbuilt movable top cups are made for rough handling at sites. The welded bottom cups are made from high-grade metal.

  1. 3 Meter Vertical with 6 Cups in Connection of Every 0.5 Meter and Weight is 13 to 14Kg
  2. 2.5 Meter Vertical with 5 Cups in Connection of Every 0.5 Meter and Weight is 11 to 12Kg
  3. 2 Meter Vertical with 4 Cups in Connection of Every 0.5 Meter and Weight is 9 to 10Kg
  4. 1.5 Meter Vertical with 3 Cups in Connection of Every 0.5 Meter and Weight is 7 to 8Kg
  5. 1 Meter Vertical with 2 Cups in Connection of Every 0.5 Meter and Weight is 4 to 5Kg
  6. 0.5 Meter Vertical with 1 Cup and Weight is 2 to 3 Kg
    More sizes are available.


Horizontal/Ledger are available in a range of standard sizes or can be made to a special length if required. The forged blade end fits in the cup of the Vertical. The simple robust design ensures that horizontals need no maintenance.Minimum projection of blades avoids damages in handling and uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

  1. 2 Meter Ledger/Horizontal - weight is 6 to 7Kg
  2. 1.5 Meter Ledger/Horizontal - weight is 4 to 5Kg
  3. 1 Meter Ledger/Horizontal - weight is 3 to 4Kg
  4. 0.5 Meter Ledger/Horizontal - weight is 1.5 to 2Kg
    More Sizes Available

U-Jack - Stirrup Head

Stirrup Head / U.Jack are widely used for porting the height adjustment between two intersections. This is appreciable in the market for its robust construction, longer service life and superior performance. This is a dimensionally accurate jack of precise structure and corrosion resistant surface. Offered with excellent durability, this is demanded in the industries of construction and engineering. This can work with Fork heads, Socket Base and Drop head Adaptors.Geo Equipments provide rental of U.Jack / Stirrup Head all over Kerala and South India.

  1. Size –350 to600MM – Weight is 3.5 to 5.5Kg
  2. More Sizes Available
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Base Jack

Adjustable base jack which is the necessary part in every Cuplock system to adjust the scaffold level whenever the floor base not flat, special-shaped, etc. provide a good solution for construction projects, bridges, tunnels, civil buildings, etc. It’s widely applied in propping system.

  1. Size – 350 to 600MM – Weight is 3.5 to 5.5Kg
  2. More Sizes Available

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Spigot Pin

Geo Equipments offers Integral spigots for rent. These are 150 mm long and are provided at the top of each standard for making upright connections. The base and the spigot of every standard have 16 mm diameter holes which enable use of locking pins to secure the standards wherever necessary.

The Features and Advantages of Geo Equipment's Cuplock System

  • Cuplock system are easy to stand without nuts and bolts or wedges
  • Best suitable for access or formwork support
  • Timely tested and Proven design with safety accessories
  • Quick/Fast/Solid erection and dismantling results in time and labour saving
  • Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity
  • Simplicity of components and their connection
  • Galvanised components improve corrosion resistance
  • Elimination of loose wedges
  • No special tools required for assembly
  • Excellent rigidity due to welded construction and cross bracings
  • Ideal as access scaffolding
  • Helps in concrete of heavy structures, high slabs, bridge girders, etc.
  • Cuplock System is indispensable and widely used in the construction, and oil & gas industries.

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